Month: April 2018

Craig and I went to his uncle's 50th birthday party on Saturday. There was a lot of alcohol and karaoke and I was hungover for two days. I finally cleared off my desk at work and organised everything again. My whole life feels better because of it. We've started planning our trip to America in … Continue reading


Review: I Let You Go

Title: I Let You Go Author: Clare Mackintosh Published: 2015 (paperback) Star rating: All the stars. ALL. OF. THEM. This fucking book. Honestly I don't even know where to start. A week ago, I reviewed Mackintosh's second book, I See You, and absolutely adored it. I had read some not-great reviews about that one, and … Continue reading Review: I Let You Go

Review: I See You

Title: I See You Author: Clare Mackintosh Published: May 2017 (paperback) Star rating: 5 stars   I picked up I See You at the Mitchell Library immediately after hearing Clare Mackintosh speak during the Aye Write! book festival. I was hoping for her first book, but was pleased to find any of her stuff still on … Continue reading Review: I See You

Audiobook Review: The Dinner

Title: The Dinner Author: Herman Koch Published: 2009 Translator: Sam Garrett English translation published: 2012 Audiobook published: 2013 Narrator: Clive Mantle Star rating: 5 stars     I've seen sooooo many negative reviews about this book, and for the life of me, I can't figure out why. I stumbled on the audiobook randomly when I … Continue reading Audiobook Review: The Dinner

Audiobook Reveiw: Beartown (The Scandal) (Björnstad #1)

Original Title: Björnstad Published: September 2016 Translation published: April 2017 Narrator: John Sackman Translator: Neil Smith Star rating: 10,000 stars (okay fine, 5) Alright, y'all. Buckle your seat belts because this might be my gushiest review ever. I knew nothing about this book going in aside from the blurb, and honestly, the blurb did not make … Continue reading Audiobook Reveiw: Beartown (The Scandal) (Björnstad #1)