Month: June 2018

Happy Thursday, and welcome to another edition of Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts. As always, this is hosted by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous. Drop by, say hey. 1. WORLD CUP WORLD CUP WORLD CUP. Honestly most of my time right now is spent thinking about when I get to watch the next match, … Continue reading


Top Ten Tuesday… on Wednesday

Hello out there! It's Wednesday, and I know what you're thinking -- "Top Ten Tuesday on a Wednesday? Have you lost your mind? Do rules mean nothing to you?" Let me assure you now that no one is more uncomfortable than I am with my deviation from the weekly format. I have a whole bunch of … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday… on Wednesday

Lazy Sunday: If World Cup Players were Harry Potter Characters

Today's blog topic actually comes from Craig's brain, because mine is on hiatus at the moment. I've been watching as much of the World Cup as I possibly can and have been having the best time. I know very little about football in general, but I know I like spicy games where the stakes are … Continue reading Lazy Sunday: If World Cup Players were Harry Potter Characters

Pottermore Sorting

By now we're all aware of Pottermore, the site launched in April 2012 by JK Rowling as an extension of the Harry Potter universe. Since then, it's grown exponentially, and now includes house sorting for both Hogwarts and the American School of Magic, Ilvermorny, a patronus assignment, and a wand ceremony. When Pottermore first debuted … Continue reading Pottermore Sorting