Monthly Wrap-Up | October 2018

It’s that time already! No idea where October went, but here we are, on Halloween. I can’t believe there are only two months left in 2018. It’s been a fun year, but I can’t say I’ll be sad to see it go.

October saw me finish six books, bringing me to 49/50 in my Goodreads Challenge. Amazing! I know you’re thinking, you should be done with that goal in no time! And yet, dear reader, I currently have FIVE books on the go and it’s probably going to turn into six because I’m slumping hard. I’m sick and nothing is holding my attention. I’ve tried rereading an old favourite (one of the books I’m in the middle of is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone), I’ve tried switching up genres (also can’t manage to finish my current non-fiction title), I’ve tried listening (currently 80% of the way through Hide and Seek (Inspector Rebus 2)), and I’ve tried swapping between print and ebook (I managed 2.5 pages of The Doll Factory on my 40-minute lunch break yesterday). I just don’t know what to dooooo. I’m stuck. And I just read Kristin’s monthly wrap-up in which she urges me to read The Tattooist of Auschwitz which Craig bought weeks ago and now I might go pick that up.


Anyway. I can have an existential crisis on my own time. Right now, it’s time for the monthly wrap-up.

Firstly, four posts that I enjoyed posting on my own blog this month.

I posted TWENTY-FOUR times this month, if you include this post.

1. Wigtown Book Festival 2018: Truly, most of the fun of this post came from actually going to the book festival.

2. A Quartet of Reviews: I was really excited to review so many books in one post.

3. Down the TBR Hole | Week Two: This has been my most successful TBR Hole post since I started doing it. I missed this past Sunday’s post, so I’ll just have to do 20 this weekend.

4. Six Degrees of Separation | From The Outsiders to Watership Down: I always like the six degrees posts. It’s so much fun to see where I end up.

Next, here are four posts that I enjoyed reading, authored by other people.

1. September Non-Bookish Favourites by Kristin over at Kristin Kraves Books: I had so much fun reading this post, I was inspired to jump on the bandwagon and do my own!

2. The Life of Madame Tussaud: Little by Edward Carey by Rebecca over at Bookish Beck: This book sounds fascinating and I really enjoyed reading Rebecca’s review of it. It was already on my radar, but her review made me want to read it even more.

3. Well-Loved Books I Didn’t Love by Stephanie over at Adventures of a Bibliophile: I love reading ‘unpopular opinion’ posts! They make me feel like I’m not alone when I hate something that everyone seems to love (looking at you, The Fault in Our Stars), and it’s so much fun hearing the differing opinions. Extra points if you hated a book I adored (or the other way around) – I enjoy seeing the other side.

4. Books Before the Blog by Paula over at Book Jotter: I love this idea so much. I have a standing Tuesday post, but I’m definitely going to try to incorporate this a couple times each month.

Here are four things I did in October that I loved.

1. Saw “Secondary Chances,” a play written by a local Scottish author performed at our local Denny Civic Theatre. The play centres around a woman who, in the emotionally charged aftermath of her divorce, decides to pour all of her energy into coordinating her high school reunion. It was a hilariously good time.

2. Went to an author talk with Ian Rankin. I didn’t blog about this, but Rankin is such a character and is so much fun to listen to. Halfway through the event, he and the moderator were joined on stage by members of the police/forensic fields to discuss murder and how it’s solved. So, so interesting.

3. Saw “A Super Happy Show (About Feeling Super Sad)” and honestly, I recommend this for literally everyone (there is depiction of a suicide attempt (not graphic as it’s a live performance), so that’s definitely something to bear in mind). It’s an insanely happy musical about depression and it was so funny and touching and emotional. I wish I’d known it was going to be as good as it was because I’d have taken everyone I know.

4. Got a hamster! Craig and I went on Saturday to pick out a new furry friend. Her name is Crouton.

And finally, here are four things I’m doing in November that I’m excited for.

1. Going to see the RCS Symphony Orchestra. Craig and I went a few months back and it was so much fun. I played the clarinet for most of my life (I haven’t for about 4 years now) and listening to these guys play made me want to jump right back in.

2. Craig and I are going on holiday on 19 November for a week. We’re spending two nights in Inverness at the start of the week and then relaxing for the rest.


4. The Scotland Women’s National Team is facing off in a friendly against current World Cup champions USA on the 13th. My only concern now is figuring out who to root for.

And that’s it! How did your month go? What are you looking forward to in November?


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