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Hey, hey. I’m Kaitlin, and welcome to my blog.

This is me and my husband, Craig. Craig also reads.

I’m really bad at “TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF” stuff, so here are just a few bullet points:

  • INFJ.
  • Hufflepuff.
  • I love to read (obvs).
  • I love animals. Before I moved to Scotland, I lived with my parents and their three dogs. Craig and I used to have a hamster named Lafayette (see below).
  • I am approximately 98% pizza.
  • I’m a secondary school librarian.
  • I’m American, and moved to Scotland in 2015. Craig is Scottish.
  • Favourite TV shows include: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Expedition Unknown, RuPaul’s Drag Race.
  • I love musical theatre, and the performing arts in general. Craig and I try to make it to as many Royal Conservatoire of Scotland performances as possible, with some larger theatre shows speckled in.
  • I cannot sing.
  • I love to travel and get a little itchy when it’s been too long since my last road trip.
  • I used to write creatively when I was young, but I haven’t done this in over a decade and honestly I’m not sure I remember how.

My star ratings:

5 stars: I loved loved loved this book. Everyone should read it.
4 stars: I really enjoyed this book.
3 stars: This book was fine.
2 stars: I did not like this book.
1 star: What the fuck.

For the moment, this space is a small memorial to Lafayette, the best hamster two people could ever have asked for. He died on 16 September 2018. That’s him, down there. ⇓
Lafayette enjoyed eating (particularly dried mealworms and yogurt drops), sleeping, chewing on our clothing, and generally having the run of the house. He was two years and four months old when he died and fully aware of how precious he was. We have his ashes in a photo box over our fake -fireplace.

My Reading Interests:

The genres I love (in no particular order):
– Psychological horror
– Unreliable narrators
– Experimental fiction
– Historical fiction
– Medical/disease non-fiction and memoirs
– Historical non-fiction

Some of my favourite books/series (in no particular order):
Harry Potter series, JK Rowling
The Passage trilogy, Justin Cronin
Bear Town series, Fredrik Backman
– Summer of Night, Dan Simmons
– Flavia du Luce series, Alan Bradley
– Ella Minnow Pea, Mark Dunn
– Thursday Next series, Jasper Fforde


My Reviews:

I am open to receiving requests for reviews, particularly in genres I love (see above). I prefer print copies, but have an e-reader, and will happily review e-books as well. Self published works are more than welcome, as long as you’re open to an honest review.

To request a review, or for any other questions, please fill in the form below.